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Custom Building
Omega Understands Quality, Craftsmanship and Value

A new house, in many cases will be a once in a lifetime purchase therefore we focus on the lasting livability and value of your home. You may see a lot of amazing deals but it is crucial to remember that your goal is a great house, not a just a great deal. Omega Homes is a builder who is committed to giving you exceptional value that will stand the test of time.

At Omega Homes you'll be working very closely with the builder and his team throughout construction. We believe that communication and interaction is imperative. With cell phones and the internet we are always reachable to answer any questions or concerns. Integrity and dependability are essential components in building your custom home and a good relationship with you, our valued customer. Omega measures success not in homes sold but in happy homeowners.

Opportunity to Personalize

One of the greatest advantages of custom building with Omega Homes is having the opportunity to personalize all areas of your home to fit your homesite, style, and budget. Omega offers design expertise with an extensive array of finishing touches. The sophistication, craftsmanship and architectural detail are obvious in every Omega home. Whether you are looking for your first home, moving up, downsizing or relocating, it is a welcome feeling to know that Omega's quality will be there.

If you have never built a new home the prospect can seem daunting. That's why it is helpful to remember that it is a definite process that we have been through many times. Omega believes that our many years of experience is one of our greatest assets. We have managed the design and construction of hundreds of homes in many fine neighborhoods. We know each step intimately and will guide you through each phase of construction and decision that must be made.

Omega can build on your lot, on one of our lots, or we can assist you in selecting the perfect lot for your home design in your desired location.

Exceptional Warranty

Omega's warranty exceeds the state requirements. Our customers will confirm our willingness to stand behind our work long after traditional warranties would have expired.

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